How is your property value affected by climate change – already today?

We will soon launch a completely unique digital service that gives owners and buyers of a residential or leisure property insight into the future impact of climate change and risk to property value – already today!

About us

Insight Climate was started by entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in impact entrepreneurship (starting and running companies that offer both economic and social/environmental returns), technology and innovation management, Digital marketing and media sourcing, growth marketing, project management and implementation, capital raising and leadership.

Rodrigo Garay

Founder | CEO, MBA, series entrepreneur and founder of fintech company Ponture and the international rating organization Accountability International.

Jonas Andrén

Founder | COO,  MSc. Eng. & MSc. Econ., Strategy consultant.

Fredrik Andersson

Cofounder | CMO, comes most recently from a position as Head of Global Digital Marketing at KRY.

The problem

For most people, buying a home or holiday home is the biggest economic event in life and it is important to understand the impact of climate change on both current and future property value.

The impact of climate change on property values is already a reality. There are models and data but consumers do not have access to these.

There is growing concern among private individuals about the effects of climate change on property values and how these may affect the price picture. In addition to an actual effect, there is a strong psychological effect.

There is currently no easy way to get a clear picture of predicted climate change over time for a given property based on established climate models.

Our Solution & Market

We are developing a completely unique digital service on the market that gives the buyer of a residential or leisure property insight into future local climate change and associated risk of value impact.

Our goal is to present the user with a “climate risk summary” for a given property based on a visualization of climate data forecasts from accepted climate models.

We will launch a first MVP Q4-2021.

Our service is highly scalable as both the demand for the service and the availability of underlying climate data (open data) are global.

We see great market potential for Insight Climate based on interest and traffic around real estate, its location and value.

Data that supports large-scale potential, such as:

  1. 2.1 million detached houses in Sweden
  2. 140,000 sales per year
  3. An average of 40,000 clicks on Hemnet per month for residential houses
  4. An average of 114 clicks per day per house ad on Hemnet
  5. Many people visit Hemnet several times a day or week

Our initial go-to-market strategy is based on our own digital launch.

Monetization can be done via a Freemium model with advertising with parts of our service behind a pay wall (a low fee for more detailed information).

Our impact: 

We contribute to the implementation of the UN Global Goals, Targets Nos 6, 13, 14 and 15.

Our service, Insight Climate, clarifies the impact of climate change on property values with a direct and clear impact on the individual.

We believe that this will lead to a different approach to climate change, an increased focus on the climate issue and clearer demands from citizens on society to act with a view to reducing and dealing with in some cases catastrophic local effects. This, in turn, will lead to increased accountability and thus we will contribute to the implementation of the Global Goals, Objectives 6, 13, 14 and 15.

In conclusion – the Climate Impact service creates an awareness and sense of urgency among all actors in society in favor of more sustainable development.


We are located in modern premises centrally located at Impact Hub Stockholm. 

Jakobsbergsgatan 22
111 44 Stockholm

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

Rodrigo Garay | 070-6319307

Jonas Andren | 070-8830018

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